Network Wall

The first Windows-based Network Video Wall system


Video walls are becoming more and more popular in a large variety of verticals mainly as a result of new and innovative solutions that enable more capabilities in lower prices and higher accessibility.

Yet, the majority of organizations are still using controllers or Video Walls servers for their installations. Usually the results are disappointing: prices are still very high, centrally managing the units remains difficult and expansion of systems by end customers is impossible.

    With Monitors AnyWhere’s Network Video Wall:

    • Use a standard PC to manage your Video Walls
    • You don't need to install any additional video cards on the host PC
    • No need for those splitters, cable extenders or any cumbersome infrastructure
    • Easily create eye catching video walls that runs Videos, Images, HTML5 content and a variety of external sources
    • Enjoy the freedom of placing the central PC anywhere within the local area network

    How does it work?

    Monitors AnyWhere runs over a  HDMI over LAN  technology. HDMI over LAN zero clients replace graphic cards and connect a central computer to each TV Screen, through a local network.

    Each zero client has its own unique IP address permitting Monitors AnyWhere to communicate directly between the PC and the displays – No additional hardware is needed on the central PC.

    Using our dedicated software you can search the network and connect the HDMI over LAN component to the computer – just like adding physical display adaptors!

    Monitors Anywhere takes advantage of existing functionality within operating systems called Extended Desktop Mode, through which different content can be displayed simultaneously on multiple screens which are connected to only one computer.

    The remote monitors – distributed throughout your establishment – are controlled and fed by the Monitors AnyWhere central control system.


    Connect a large number of monitors to your system to create a video wall of any shape or size.

    Creates a stretched desktop with a maximum resolution of 8K

    Ideal in a quick service restaurant, where you can show the menu board across multiple displays with one PC.

    USB Wall supports multi-zones. It may be divided into different zones, each consisting of one or more screens, showing different content.

    The screens may be positioned in portrait or landscape mode, and can be rotated by 180 degrees.

    Ideal in case the displays’ bottom bezel is thicker than the upper one, and you would like to install the screens in an up-side-down position.

    The software Includes bezel compensation feature.

    Compensate for the physical space created by monitor bezels to output a continuous image across multiple screens.

    The software Includes Clone Mode to view a copy of one display on multiple screens.

    Hardware Solutions

    The following HDMI over LAN zero clients are specialized solutions tailored to work with our Monitors AnyWhere solution:

    Centerm C75v3

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    • Specialized zero client
      Excellent accessing device specially designed for Monitors anywhere
    • Low Cost Solution
      Low price, low power consumption and no maintenance guarantee the low cost
    • High Performance
      Full-HD multimedia and good quality voice supported
    • Compact, Flexible & secure
      Small size, fan-less design, VESA mountable, anti-theft Kensington lock.

    Full specifications available here.

    Thin Global MiniPoint

    ThinGlobal's new line of Zero Clients, MiniPoint DS and MiniPoint DS Lite devices were developed primarily for the digital signage and video wall market.

    The MiniPoint DS line is the only option to showcase digital content while having the best cost-effective price in the market. Featuring its high-performance video card and HDMI output which syncs perfectly with today's monitors or TVs.

    The Minipoint DS device is the best option for digital signage. Create digital signage anywhere on the network, via the Ethernet port, or locally via USB. The MiniPoint DS device is also a PoE device (power over the ethernet). No need for a power

    The MiniPoint DS Lite has all the features necessary to have digital signage anywhere on your network for a smaller price. The PoE feature is not available with this device.

    The MiniPoint Digital Signage line smoothly streams videos in high resolution, with a state of the art performance, all at the best cost-effective price in the market.

    Full specifications available here.


    MiniPoint DS Lite

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    MiniPoint DS (POE)

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