How to play a list of application on each screen

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Setting a list of applications for each screen


On this page we will explain on the different buttons, windows and control panels to allow you to easily start setting up a list of applications for your screens.

How to add a new task to a selected screen

Select a display from the list or by clicking on the display’s thumbnail. Click on the New button and this window will open

Set the application you wish to open from the drop-down list or click on the Browse button to select a new application from you computer.

In the parameters field you can add the application’s run time operations. For example:

Click the Save and Send button to start the application running on the screen or press Ok to Save the task in the database.

How to Edit an existing task

To edit an existing task you’ll need to make sure it’s not running currently on the screen. If it is running, Right Click on the task and select “Terminate the selected process” then you’ll be able to edit the task.

How to Delete an existing task

To delete an existing task click on the task in the list and click Delete or right click on the task and select Delete. You can also select multiple tasks and click Delete.

Persistence Mode

This feature will preform two tasks:

  1. Hide the application’s Icon in the task bar.
  2. Make sure the application is always running on the configured monitor.

Override Playlist settings

For more information on the Playlist feature, go to our Playlist feature online guide.