Run multiple videos using PotPlayer

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In the following guide we will demonstrate how to run a number of videos from a single PC on multiple screens using the software Monitors Anywhere.

In this guide we’ll use PotPlayer as our multimedia player. It’s a freeware application which works with most video types and is  very easy to use.


First we will install PotPlayer on the host PC.
PotPlayer can be downloaded from Here.

Make it a standard installation and click Next thru all the process.

Start PotPlayer (icon should appear on the desktop) then open the Preferences window (press on the F5 key or right click on the player window and select Preferences).

Go to:
Playback > Default windows size > Set it to: Do not use

On the Repeat video playback  set it to : Enable: Repeat playlist

Go to Aspect Ratio and set the AR Mode to Streach by keeping Aspect Ratio

Finally, go to General > Skin and Un-check the “Hide Main Window…“

Start running Videos on your TV screens

After you’ve succesfuly installed POT Player we can go on and set the configuration in Monitors AnyWhere:

Choose the TV screen you would like to set for showing the video. Select the monitor by clicking once on its thumbnail or from the list of monitors.

Press on the New button from the list at the bottom.

The Browse window will open:

The first field (Application field) is used to select the application you wish to open.

Please select the application POT Player from the dropdown list or click on the Browse button to select its icon from your desktop.


Repeat all stages above for each display screen.