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How to run multiple PowerPoint presentations using internet explorer

In this article, we will guide you on how to run PowerPoint presentations on different monitors from one computer, using internet explorer

You can run the same presentation on all screens or a different presentation on each screen.



For this solution to work, Microsoft Powerpoint needs to be installed on the local system.

1.  Update your system registry

Download, extract and run this registry file on your computer as administrator.

Click Yes, and then ok

2.  Test

Open internet explorer (not Edge) and drag and drop a .ppt or .pptx or .ppsx file within the browser.

If everything goes well, it will open the presentation within your browser

If it does not open correctly, go to the Troubleshooting section at the botom of this page.


Start running PowerPoint presentations on your TV screens

Open Monitors Anywhere Connect Console, select the display that you want to use by clicking once on its thumbnail or from the list of monitors.

Press on the New button from the list at the bottom.

The first field (Application field) is used to select the application you wish to open.

Please select Internet Explorer from the dropdown list.

On the second field, browse to your presentation file.

Tick the “Open in full screen” option.

Finally, press on the Save and Send button, or OK to send later.

Repeat all steps above for each display screen.



In some rare cases, internet explorer may ask you if you want to open or save the file. If that it the case, please click on Save

On the new View Download windows, right-click the file, un-tick Always ask before openingthis type of file, and click close

You can now drag the PowerPoint file again within internet explorer.

If you still have issues, contact Monitors AnyWhere support team.

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