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How to run YouTube videos fullscreen

It’s easy to run YouTube video fullscreen in Monitors AnyWhere.

In this article, we will guide you through this process.

You can run the same video on all screens or a different video on each screen.



Navigate to:

And locate your desired video. 

Once showing your video, right click on the video screen and select Copy Video URL

Paste the copied URL into a notepad, it will look similar to:

Highlighted in green is the video ID, and in orange the playlist ID. is the short address for YouTube, and needs to be changed to the long address:

You now link the video (fullscreen) by adding the embed option, your line will look like this:

For single YouTube video, add to the line:

  • the video ID (in green)
  • the option to autoplay (autoplay=1)
  • the option to loop (loop=1)

Your final line will look similar to, replace video ID in green by yours:

In some rare cases, for example if using OBS Studio, it is necessary to add further options, and your line would then look like: ""

For YouTube playlist, add to the line:

  • the playlist option (playlist?list=)
  • the playlist ID (in orange)
  • the option to autoplay (autoplay=1)
  • the option to loop (loop=1)

Your final line will look similar to, replace playlist ID in orange by yours:


Start running YouTube videos on your TV screens

Open Monitors Anywhere Connect Console, select the display that you want to use by clicking once on its thumbnail or from the list of monitors.

Press on the New button from the list at the bottom.

The first field (Application field) is used to select the application you wish to open.

Please select Internet Explorer from the dropdown list.

On the second field paste the final video or playlist URL from your previous step

Make sure to tick the “Open in full screen” option.

Finally, press on the Save and Send button.

Repeat all steps above for each display screen.

Please note that Internet Explorer can be replaced by Chrome, and VLC.

VLC can only play single videos, it cannot play YouTube playlist at this stage. Sound can be played using VLC using the documentation available here.

Full developer documentation available here.


Last Updated: 10-Feb-2019